Why You Should Consider Network Marketing Business

Why You Should Consider Network Marketing Business

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Network Marketing, also known as Multi-Level Marketing, offers an incredible opportunity to the go-getters of today’s marketplace. The concept has born the criticism of skeptics and been tested by time, as well as the courts. According to industry records, nearly $100 billion in goods and services are sold around the world each year via network marketing, and over 50 million people are involved as distributors. How big of a piece of this pie do you want?

Network Marketing is a viable tool for achieving lofty financial goals, but it does not come easily, nor is wealth assured for the greedy and dishonest. Network Marketing is not bout using people, but about getting other people involved in the business as your partners. I won’t tell you recruiting people into your business will be easy, in fact it may be your biggest challenge.

There is nothing new about engaging other people to help you attain financial goals. Capitalists have known for generations that true wealth was built upon the shoulders of huge labor forces and the control of production machinery. Exploitation was the name of the game, and softhearted, philanthropic businessmen were often short-lived.

Adam Smith revealed the secrets of capitalism to the world in his book The Wealth of Nations. Smith’s book goes into painstaking details of the manufacturing process and how the use of capitalistic concepts, such as the division of labor, mass production, and the use of a carefully orchestrated labor force, can enrich the entrepreneur and allow the consuming society to benefit from higher quality products, sold at lower prices than what competitors offer.

Smith used the example of a pin factory to demonstrate how a one-man operation may be able to produce a handful of pins per day, where the individual steps in its production may include drawing a thin strip of steel from a spool, cutting it to size, flattening an end for the eye, sharpening an end for the point, and finally packaging it. Each of these steps, accomplished by one individual, takes a considerable amount of time, and the proprietor of the pin factory is limited in his sales by his production capacity.

Using Smith’s principles, a pin factory entrepreneur could hire five workers to complete the individual tasks of producing and packaging pins. The production capacity of this factory does not simply go up by five times, rather, because of specialization, the production capacity and product quality increases geometrically.

This is the beauty of mass production and the proper use of a labor force. In a sense, network marketing allows you to duplicate yourself through the efforts of a motivated workforce. What would you rather have: 10% of all the sales you could generate by yourself, or 2% of all the sales your network produces? Network Marketing harnesses the powers of capitalism Adam Smith wrote about over 200 years ago. Frederick Taylor’s scientific management theories provide a more recent example.

Frederick Taylor’s concepts of scientific management revolutionized how mass production was accomplished. Best known for his time and motion studies, Taylor demonstrated that the careful use of labor, through training and goal setting, could dramatically increase an organization’s production capacity. Likewise, through training, motivating, and deliberate goal setting, you can reap the benefits of explosive organizational growth and sales.

Until the development of network marketing, the keys to producing and selling a product were held by a handful of wealthy industrialist. In the early 20th century the common laborer considered himself lucky to hold a steady job and to receive a wage that could be stretched to meet the daily living needs of his family. Going into business for himself was an unlikely option, and at best was generally small mom and pop operations with little potential beyond Adam Smith’s one-man pin factory example.

Today, you have a chance to build your own empire, while helping other people at the same time. Unlike traditional business organizations, your success is dependent upon the success of the people within your personal organization, and the day you forget that, is the day your business will collapse. In network marketing, you do not exploit people; you help people. And in the process of helping other people realize their goals, your goals will magically fall into place also.

Fortunes are being made everyday in network marketing. Are you ready to step up to the plate and claim your piece of the game? Network marketing does not require you to be beautiful, college educated, or heir to an empire. All you need is the conviction to believe in yourself, and the gumption to get out and make something positive happen.

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