WHY – The Three Letters that Spell Success in Network Marketing

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For millions of people, network marketing represents the best vehicle for the average person to build a powerful business in a relatively short time. Two to five years of consistent action and following your plan can create explosive results.

Ironically, out of the estimated 200,000 people joining a network marketing company every month, more than 85% of them quit within the first 90 days. Why is that? Is network marketing at fault or is our focus aimed in the wrong direction? How do we maintain motivation when the first few weeks or months don’t live up to our expectations?

Our focus must be on a few simple questions. Why am I doing this business? Why did I get started in the first place? What did I see then that I might be overlooking now?

Everyone in this business has or had a powerful motivating force that compelled them to get started, that compelled them to visualize the power of their opportunity. These reasons or “whys” are what we must focus on daily in order to achieve the success we seek.

The following steps can help new as well as seasoned network marketers put more power into their business punch.


Mentally review and write down all the reasons or “whys” that prompted you to start your program. Were you looking to leverage your time and spend more of it with your family? Did you want to help others? Become financially independent? Build a retirement fund? Become a public speaker? Get clear on exactly what inspired you to choose your business. This list will continue to grow as you discover new goals.


Step two is to review your “whys” on a daily basis. You can simply go over your written list every morning and evening until they are engraved into your mind and heart.

For those who are absolutely serious about their success, rewriting your reasons every morning will condition your mind to stay open for any opportunity that may come up during the day. This one technique alone can dramatically increase your motivation, your actions, and your convictions.


The third step is to share your reasons with others. This will turbocharge your convictions and others will take notice and be motivated to action. Talking to others about your “whys” will create an instant bond with those who share your same reasons.

For instance, if I tell you I’m involved in this business to secure my family’s financial future, if that is important to you, a connection will be made. You will be open to hearing how you could do the same. This not only develops instant rapport but is also a dynamic recruiting tool.

Unfortunately, many people who start in this fascinating business don’t realize that, like any other business, network marketing has its ups and downs. Problems are a way of life for every businessperson. However, if you maintain your focus on your personal reasons, you then stimulate yourself to action and strengthen your convictions. Action and conviction are the founding elements to network marketing success.

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