Things To Love About Network Marketing Business

Things To Love About Network Marketing Business

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There are plenty of things to love about network marketing. The key is to do network marketing right and build an actual business.

When I run across folks who tell me they don’t like network marketing, a common thread in their complaints is that they never learned to actually build a business. Far too many people treat network marketing like a lottery ticket. They focus on “joining the right team” or “is this the right time?” or “will I get lucky”.

When I meet people who have things to love about network marketing, they also have a common thread that runs through their explanations. These things include,  “I went to work and started building”, “I got into the training and immersed myself into the system”, and “I simply put in the work to make it happen”.

Each group experienced challenges along the way. One group blamed others and gave up. The other group was patient and either went to work on a solution or allowed time for the solution to be handled.

Network marketing is a business. When you treat it like a business, you begin to experience a growing list of things to love about network marketing like:

Time Freedom Most folks working a traditional job are faced with the challenges of someone else controlling their time. They are told when to be at work, when they can have lunch, when they can go home, etc… They are working hard and they may never get to have any real family time or even time to pursue other interests and passions.

Relationship One of my favorite things to love about network marketing is the relationships you can build along the way. Some of my business associates and I have become great friends along the way. I truly enjoy having friends that have been in the struggle with me. We can lean on each other, encourage each other, and celebrate each other’s successes along the way.

Income Of course, this is one of the biggest things to love about network marketing. We can literally build the level of income we are willing to work for. The catch is … we have to be willing to do the work.

One of the biggest factors that I have seen in our industry is that mindset is a big contributor. When someone goes into business expecting to learn, overcome challenges, and do the work, they are much more likely to experience success. When someone gets into network marketing expecting their sponsor to make them rich while they sit back, they typically give up and declare “it doesn’t work”.

Whether you want to supplement your income, pay down some debt, or plan for retirement better, network marketing really does just make sense when you treat it like a business.

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