Biggest Mistakes Network Marketers Make and How to Avoid Them

The 8 Biggest Mistakes Network Marketers Make and How to Avoid Them!

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Everyone makes mistakes. It’s called life. We all make bad decisions. However, knowing ahead of time what some of those monumental mistakes are will serve you well…and hopefully prevent you from making them in the future.

You want your business to grow and be prosperous. It’s why you do this business. Yet…people make foolish mistakes all the time…and sometimes don’t even realize how horrific they actually are.

I’ve been in network marketing now for close to 10 years…have made some of these mistakes myself, and seen how catastrophic they can be for your business.

Below you will find a list of the Biggest Mistakes Made By Network Marketers and how you can avoid them. By the way…this list isn’t in any particular order. They are all things you that you do NOT want to do.

You ready? Here we go…

#1: Failing to Actually Commit. Trying something for a few months isn’t commitment. If you’re going to do this business, then do this business. Make sure you actually commit to your company and give it a three to five year run, before you change your mind and bail out.

Success takes time. Don’t even bother doing network marketing unless you are willing to give it the commitment it deserves.

The Solution: Draw a line in the sand. Make the commitment to do this business until you succeed. When you decide that success is your only ” option, every door has to open for you, because you have closed all others.

#2: Jumping from Company to Company. Along the lines of making a decision, comes the choice to put your blinders on and focus. Opportunity is everywhere. And…right now it is in your hands.

The Solution: Stop looking and start focusing on what you are involved in. All the time you spend looking could be invested in building what you’ve already got.

#3: Building Multiple Companies at the Same Time. I don’t know anyone who is a multiple six-figure or seven-figure earner who builds more than one company at a time. I do however know lots of people who try and build several companies simultaneously, only to have all of them suffer. Those people never hit the top ranks of anything.

Multiple Streams of Income does not mean multiple network marketing companies. What it means is having your network marketing business, and other income producing vehicles in your life, including your investments, real estate, and so on.

The Solution: Build one network marketing company only. Let your other “income be derived from sources that don’t involve you being in more than “one company. Plus…you are communicating to your team that the company ” you put them in simply isn’t good enough.

#4: Being Pushy and Not Listening to Simple Clues. You have to listen to people and how they respond to you. There’s a fine line between being promotional and eager to build your business and becoming super pushy and annoying.

Having said that, NO doesn’t always mean NO forever. Sometimes the timing simply isn’t right for people. Don’t take them off your list because they didn’t respond favorably the first time around.

Give them a little space. They may likely come around in the future…but only IF you actually make the commitment and they see you a year later still doing the same business.

And, I’m not saying you wait an entire year to get back to someone who said NO to you the first time around. But…getting back to them three days after they said NO is probably a bit early. Use your common sense.

The Solution: Use your ears. Use the senses you’ve been given. Pay attention to how people respond. This is very easy to do.

You have to listen to people and how they respond to you. There’s a fine line between being promotional and eager to build your business and becoming super pushy and annoying. Share on X

#5: Taking Bad News to your Team. We don’t live in a perfect world. I hate to break that to you. Sometimes “stuff” happens. Companies make changes, products may change, comp plans…it’s part of business. What you don’t want to do is get all crabby and angry…and then go spew that negative energy or information to your team. You can literally poison your entire downline when you do this. I’ve seen entire groups collapse in a matter of months because someone took negative information to their team…and sometimes it isn’t even true.

The Solution: If you have a problem, and issue or a question about something that is troubling you, take it upline. NEVER take it to your  downline. Ever. ”

#6: Interrupting your Leader. When you take the time to put your prospect in front of a leader, either on the phone or in person, they are the expert. You don’t need to interrupt them and say, “Bob….Bob. Don’t forget to tell Jane about our incredible bonus program!” It completely blows their credibility when you do that.

The Solution: Let you expert be the expert. Even after being in this game as long as I have with all that I know…I still keep my mouth shut when I put a prospect in front of another team leader.

#7: Being Partially Engaged. Most people start in in this business part-time. It takes time to develop substantial income to replace what they may currently be earning. However…being “part-time” doesn’t mean being partially engaged. Instead the way to be is part-time, but fully engaged.

That means that even if you are working your business a handful of hours a week, you are engaged as if you were full-time. You know the call schedule, meeting scheduling, training event times, and dates. You know about your product, your compensation plan, and your company. You are fully engaged.

The Solution: Think of it this way. You know everything you’d need to know to run and grow your business if you were full-time, but you are only putting part-time effort into the business.

#8: Lying or Exaggerating to Prospects or Team Members. The truth is good enough. It really is. For some reason, people feel they need to “fudge” on the truth a bit just to make sure their product or opportunity looks better. It’s already good.

People have an opportunity that if they choose to do something with it, can dramatically alter the direction of their lives forever.

The cool thing about telling the truth is you never have to try and remember what you said before.

The Solution: Simple. Tell people the truth about your business, your products and the potential that exists in both.

So…now you know what the biggest mistakes people make in this business and how to avoid them.

Now that you are aware of these deadly mistakes that cause your business to suffer, do two simple things.

  1. Don’t make these mistakes.
  2. Help others you work with to not make them.

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