Network Marketing – A Pyramid?

Network Marketing – A Pyramid?

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Network marketing offers a very low-cost entry into the start to operate their own network business professionally. Many people start on a part-time basis and later develop into a full-time operation.

Network marketing is the only business opportunity where you will not need to have a capital outlay of a large sum of money. In conventional business systems, you build someone else’s dreams whereas in network marketing you build your own dreams. In this business, anyone can succeed by associating with the right company with a good profile.

Many people confused network marketing opportunity as “money circulation” or “chain letter scheme” which is called a pyramid scheme. Although today there exist many legitimate network marketing companies, money circulation schemes appear to be synonymous with networking, also exist. To get away from this situation unburnt, it is very crucial that you understand the difference between the two.

A pyramid occurs when there is no exchange of products and services.

Commissions can be paid only on the sale of products or services. You cannot earn just by recruiting a human resource into your network. In other words, paying fees or commissions for sponsoring a recruit, prospect, independent representative, or distributor without the sale of a product is illegal. This is an illegal money game. At times this type of money circulation is disguised with some valueless or useless products posing as a network marketing opportunity.

In a pyramid scheme or money circulation game, the person who is the organizer of the scheme only makes the money most. But in a network marketing company, you have the potential to earn more than your upline team members if you can build a larger business than they do.

If you join a network marketing company this could change your lifestyle for the better and more attractive. So it is wise that you ask yourselves the following questions before you take a decision to join a network marketing opportunity.

Will the products and services of the network marketing company meet the needs of the vast majority of the population?

The more attractive the products are, the more it is easier to find a prospect to represent them.

Does the company have a variety of choices in its product lines?

Variety will attract people. A prospect may join for a simple product but remain in the networking company for its variety.

Do the company executives have a success story?

Obviously, the upline team members who become executives will have a successful networking experience to guide you and focus on your success.

Who are the promoters and shareholders and directors of the company?

Only people with a reputation and strong background and recognition can speak and perform well in the company.

What are the achievements of the company?

The company’s association with reputed institutions and world bodies will have corporate recognition.

Having asked the above questions and getting the answers there you sail smoothly in a network marketing company. Though there is a low risk, there is going to be a risk to your time and reputation, if you do not get lasting income. If the income is to last, the chosen company should stay and you should stay in it. So your discretion is crucial, as you will have financial independence and time freedom along with residual income which is created in an ongoing process in a legal network marketing company.

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