How To Tell Your Story To Get Your Prospect To Join Your Network Marketing Business

How To Tell Your Story To Get Your Prospect To Join Your Network Marketing Business – 4-Part Proven Formula

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Everyone has a story, but do you know how to tell your story?

Telling your story is fantastic for connecting with people and building your personal brand. Even if you think people won’t relate to it, they will.

Stories sell. If you have a home business that you are promoting or a product or service you are selling, you need to tell your story. The perfect time is at the beginning of a presentation. There is a four-part formula for telling your story. Use this formula to develop your story so that you can tell it in no more than about 60 seconds.

Tell Your Story Part 1: Your Background

Your background includes any education or career experiences. Be general with this. Don’t tell all the specifics. Focus on why you chose the path you did. You can also include your family, such as when you had kids. Include any major changes. Example:

“I went to college like most people. I got a degree and got one of those safe jobs with benefits. I actually loved what I did. I got to interview and write about hundreds of professional athletes.”

Tell Your Story Part 2: What Happened to You (Your Pain)

This part focuses on what made you change. This is your WHY.

What happened to you that made you want to create your business? What made you think differently. This is usually something painful to some degree. It’s the problem that caused you to think differently and pursue your business. Example:

“After about seven years at that job, I was laid off. My wife and I had three kids at the time, including a 3-month-old son. We had no full-time income. It really woke me up and made me realize I needed to find a source of income that I owned.”

Tell Your Story Part 3: The Solution You Found

This is the solution you found to your pain or problem (your business or opportunity). Talk about this as if you found relief or what you’d been looking for. Mention how things are different now and why it was a solution to your problem. Example:

“Not long after I was laid off, I found an opportunity to create my own source of income that would pay me even when I was not working. It’s exactly what I was looking for.”

Tell Your Story Part 4: How You Feel About the Future

This is the forward-looking excitement you have about your business. Where do you see your business going? What have you learned so far? Example:

“Life is so much different now. I generate my own residual income on my terms. I don’t worry about the future because I know it’s up to me because I don’t rely solely on someone else for a job.”

Which part do you think is most important?

If you said Part 2, you nailed it. People connect more with your pain. That’s a deeper understanding. So, don’t be afraid to get real with people.

Write down your story using that four-part formula. Practice telling it until you can get it down to roughly 60 seconds long. Since this is your story, it will be pretty natural for you to tell it after some practice.

Once you have your story down, you’ll connect with more people and have more people looking at your business. Leave your comments below about how this formula worked for you.

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