How to Market your Network Marketing Business Opportunity

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Do you have a home based network marketing business? Or are you considering starting one?

It is a great way to start a business without having to invest tons of money and I find many more people are finding network marketing as their answer to gaining financial freedom.

But, like any business, there is work involved and much of that work consists of marketing the products and the business opportunity. You want to build a downline of other business owners because every little bit they do will give you rewards in the form of compensation and bonuses.

But, how to market your network marketing business opportunity?

You don’t want to come off as a spammer, but the only way to have true success is by getting the word out.

In this post, I will share 4 excellent ways to market your network marketing business opportunity.

Use one or all and watch your business grow.

Market Your MLM Business Opportunity #1: Blogging

This is probably the top way to market your opportunity. The investment to start a blog is actually quite minimal. You simply purchase a domain name that relates to the niche area your MLM company sells products in. You will also need web hosting. The only other investment is time to create blog posts.

Word of advice… Do not mention your network marketing company in the posts or even on the blog. Write about subject matter that relates to the products you sell. At the end of each post, you should install a call to action saying something on the lines of, I have a business that helps people with (niche). I would love to tell you more. You can contact me at (phone or email).

Market Your MLM Business Opportunity #2: Social Media

I equate this method similar to blogging. The key is sharing educational information and just giving people on social media a simple, “If you would like to know more, PM me.”

By having a professional profile picture and offering great social media content, others will contact you because they will want to have what you have.

Market Your MLM Business Opportunity #3: Just Share Your Business With Friends And Family

I have found that some network marketers, for some odd reason, are scared to share their MLM business with friends and family.

If you just opened a restaurant, you would tell all of them wouldn’t you?

The key is to not come off as if they should feel obligated to join your MLM. Just tell them about the products or services and about the success you are having and then “leave the ball in their court.”

Most MLM companies teach this “warm market” strategy to all new recruits.

The reason???

Because it works and has for many years.

Market Your MLM Business Opportunity #4: Capture Pages

This is where you create a simple one page internet site where you could offer a free ebook or something else in exchange for the person’s contact info.

You will then use an email marketing campaign where you send those participants educational messages and feeding them with ways to join your network marketing business opportunity.


Last, but not least, just talk with people you meet on a daily basis. Share what you do and you will draw interest. Be yourself and your network marketing business will grow.

If you have any questions, just post them below.

Thank you and have a fantastic day!

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