How to Deal with a Negative Spouse in your Network Marketing Business

How to Deal with a Negative Spouse in your Network Marketing Business

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Today, I want to share some practical advice with you about how to deal with a negative spouse in network marketing.

What I have found in my experience over the past 10 years in this great industry is that one spouse is normally excited about the business, and one spouse is totally against it. Very rarely are both spouses excited.

Why? Opposites attract! We tend to date and marry people who are completely different from us.

What you will see below are some simple things you can do to keep your spouse at ease, or at least keep them neutral, so you can focus on growing your new business and have harmony in your home.

# 1 Share Your Goals & Why

The first and most important thing you should do is explain to your spouse or partner WHY you want to build a network marketing business and create residual income.

Be specific. Let them know how THEY will benefit from your success. Share your vision with them for your future. Share your goals and game-plan so they know what you are working toward and WHY you are doing it.

# 2 Take Your Business Seriously

It’s vital that you follow this advice. One of the reasons so many spouses are anti-MLM is because their significant other has dabbled in several other MLM businesses (and eventually quit). When you tell them you are excited about a different company, they say to themselves, “here we go again!”

If you want your spouse’s support and respect, you must treat your business seriously. Stop dabbling with it. Act as if you have one million dollars invested in your network marketing business. Create a business plan, set work hours, know your work schedule and ALWAYS do the things you know you should be doing.

Work your business every day, focus on the income producing activities and make some money, so you can share some social proof with your spouse!

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# 3 Schedule Family Time

Another concern many negative spouses have about our industry is that the business will take away your time with them. If that happens, it’s your fault. Your new business shouldn’t take over your life for you to become successful, but you do need to commit “some” time to your business each day.

Make sure you schedule a date night each week with your significant other. Set aside time each day for quality time with your kids. Do things as a family a few times each week. Keep your family your # 1 priority.

# 4 Invite Your Spouse to a Live Event

One thing you can do if your spouse is negative about the business is invite them to an event. It might be just what the doctor ordered. Invite them to your company’s convention, or a big regional event, so they can learn more about the company and see what it’s all about. Who knows. Your spouse might even get excited about the business and catch the vision.

# 5 Choose Your Battles

Chance are, you know your spouse pretty well. While I don’t believe any spouse has the right to tell their significant other they can’t start a business or do something new, I do believe you need to pick your battles wisely. Only you know your spouse. If the business is really important to you, put your foot down and let them know you are doing it.

On the other hand, if you know there is a good chance you will quit the business within 90-days, like you have in previous businesses, maybe you should focus on something different, like putting in more hours at your job.

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