How to Avoid these Recruiting Mistakes in your Network Marketing Business

How to Avoid these Recruiting Mistakes in your Network Marketing Business

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Are you losing signups in network marketing or wondering why prospects seem to disappear?

I hear from many home business owners who make the same mistakes I’ve made in the past. Network marketing recruiting mistakes are very common but you avoid them and finally achieve MLM success.

Read this post if you want to learn the four top recruiting MLM recruiting mistakes and what to do instead.

1 – Avoid being Desperate

Have you noticed that when people are desperate, you can see it a mile-away. People run from people who are desperate. It’s so obvious.

Many desperate network marketers will talk to the same few people over and over, bugging them and trying to convince them to join their business or make a purchase.

Chasing after people is not the way to build a successful network marketing business. Spending too much time desperately chasing a few people just doesn’t work.

It’s OK if others are not interested in your business. Remember, not everyone will be as excited about it as you are.  Instead of chasing and convincing, sort your prospects.

Wouldn’t you rather talk to and present your business to 100 people instead of the same few people over and over?

I’d had the unpleasant experience of convincing prospects to join my business and guess what? They did so reluctantly and did absolutely nothing with their business.

Find people who want it as much as YOU do and avoid making this recruiting mistake!

When people say no, or just don’t seem too interested, move on! Thank them for their time and ask them if they know anyone who might be interested. Referrals work great!

Then find more people to talk to using attraction marketing techniques. The more people you talk to the more chances you have of finding someone who gets it!

That’s the best way to grow your success with MLM recruiting.

2 – Avoid Talking too Much

Are you so excited that you blab on and on about your business and products? Talking too much is a huge network marketing recruiting mistake.

You won’t get results that way. Be more interested in the other person and find out about them.

The other important thing is to use a third party tool to explain your business. When you invite someone to learn more about your MLM company, you should not be doing the explaining.

First of all, the other person will think: “Oh no, I have to learn all this stuff and explain it?” It’s overwhelming!

When you send a third party tool like a video or webinar, your prospects get the explanation from people who can explain it much better.

Not only that, your prospects will see how simple it is to send a link to someone! Anyone can do that!

3 – Fear of Rejection

Do you take rejection personally? I have seen people get so down from being rejected in network marketing, that they were ineffective in continuing with their recruiting efforts.

There is a lot of rejection in MLM. The key is not to take it personally.

So what if a person is not interested in joining your MLM company. It’s not a reflection on you. It’s simply that the person doesn’t have the interest.

A few years ago, a person I admired very much tried to recruit me into his MLM business. I just wasn’t interested in that particular MLM. It had nothing to do with the individual who shared the opportunity with me.

When people reject your network marketing business or products, thank them for taking a look and move on!

If you feel that rejection is getting you down, do more personal development and get over it.

Finding more people to talk to is the key!

4 – Not Following Up

Network Marketers often make the recruiting mistake of thinking that once they share MLM information a prospect will just sign up.

Most prospects will not sign up after one exposure like a meeting, video, or webinar. This is new to most people so it’s important to educate prospects so they have a full understanding of your opportunity. You do that by following up with your prospects.

Keeping the conversation going is crucial after an exposure. It is you who needs to help your prospect come to a decision. Not by bugging them but by keeping the conversation going.

You do that by setting up your next meeting. For example, if you sent someone a link to a video, you should already have set up your next appointment to get all your prospect’s questions answered.

Get a commitment to each subsequent exposure. Get to know them so you can answer their questions in a way that relates to their life and family.

The fortune is in the followup!


Do these MLM recruiting mistakes seem familiar to you? Improving your skills in network marketing recruiting is a must for success. Learning how to find more people to talk to, present your opportunity, overcome objections, and much more are skills you can master.

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