How to Adopt a Winning Attitude and Stop Begging your Prospects to Join your Business

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In his landmark course for network marketers Magnetic Sponsoring, Mike Dillard makes a compelling case for “becoming the hunted rather than the hunter.” What he means, in a nutshell, is that the most successful network marketers know their worth, they know what they and their business bring to the table, and they project this from a position of strength.

They do not beg or plead prospects to join. They present the opportunity, explain the benefits and lead the prospect to the point of decision, yes or no.

Then they ask for that decision.

They give off an energy that says “I am someone who can help you, someone who is successful and someone who can lead you to reach your goals.”

They make no apologies for what they offer a prospect–they know without a doubt that if a person truly follows their system that person will succeed.

Their self worth is not tied up in whether or not a prospect joins their team. They know that some will and some won”t and they don”t take it personally when someone declines to join.

In fact they understand that as good as their opportunity is, it isn”t right for everyone, nor is everyone right for their opportunity at any given moment.

They press forward every day and advance their business one relationship at a time, methodically and purposefully.

And you should too.

So rather than coming from a position of weakness where you must “sell” everyone and everyone you know to join your business, commit to becoming an attraction marketer and a leader.

Your ultimate goal is not to “sell” a product or service but rather to build a network of like minded people who you help to create wealth for themselves as they simultaneously create wealth for you.

Give people a reason to come to you and you will become a winner in this industry.

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