7 Amazing MLM Tips for Explosive Growth in your Business

7 Amazing Network Marketing Tips for Explosive Growth in your Business

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Struggling to build your network marketing business? You are not alone. Learning how to be successful in network marketing can be a challenge. There is so much information out there and it can be overwhelming.

When I started my network marketing business, I found network marketing tips from many sources. Some I implemented, some I failed with, and others I succeeded with in my network marketing business.

Starting a home business with a network marketing company is smart for a few reasons:

  • Low investment to get started.
  • Low overhead costs (next to none).
  • Flexible hours.
  • Get to meet lots of people.
  • And much more.

Network marketing has produced more millionaires than any other industry worldwide.

Let’s end the overwhelm for you, These network marketing tips will help you on your road to success with your home business.

Follow these Network Marketing Business Tips for Beginners

Have you ever gotten advice about growing your MLM business only to find out it didn’t apply to yours? For example, if you get tips about how to succeed with home parties but your business doesn’t fit into that category.

These tips for network marketing business success will work regardless of what type of business you have or what type of plan your company recommends.

1. Set the Right Expectations for your MLM Business

You may be thinking that expectations have nothing to do with success. When it comes to your MLM business, setting realistic expectations play a big part in your success.

For example, what would happen (maybe it already has) if you expected to make N100,000 by month two of starting your business? And then you didn’t hit that number?

You would be discouraged and quit.

Get off to a good start by understanding what is possible in the long term and knowing what you can reasonably accomplish on a monthly basis.

Although network marketing can make you a lot of money, it’s a long-term goal, not a 2 month. I recommend you look at your business as a 3 to 7 year plan.

That may sound like a long time to you but guess what? The time will pass anyway. What else can bring you the monetary rewards that you can get when you put your efforts into building your MLM business? This is your number one MLM tip that is the foundation of your journey.

2. Know your MLM Products, Services and Business Plan

I’ve had people join my MLM business and not buy any products. What?

How can you possibly expect to recommend something that you do not use? Sure, your company has data sheets and plenty of information about the products, but using them is where you’ll gather the best information.

People love learning from network marketing success stories. They can read features, ingredients, and other facts anywhere. But YOU can give them your story about how that product helped you in some way.

Don’t be one of those people that does not get on your MLM autoship. Using the products is how you will get others excited about what you are doing.

You also have plenty of training available to learn about the business plan. People will ask questions.

While I always recommend that you send them a third-party tool, it’s good to have that information in your head in case they just need a quick answer about your MLM business and how to make money.

3. Find an MLM Mentor who is Already Successful

There are so many successful people in various MLM companies. This MLM tip is a powerful one so pay attention. Your MLM mentor may not be in your company. Yes, it’s OK to learn from people who are not part of your business.

Here’s the thing… in my network marketing business many of the top leaders simply did not resonate with me. So I found successful MLM leaders in other business that were a better fit for me to learn from.

One of those is Eric Worre. He is extremely successful and you can learn a lot from him. Start with his book, Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional.

You can find lots of free training at his Network Marketing Pro website.

4. Use Personal Development for MLM Success

How do you react when things don’t go your way? If you get a negative attitude and act like the world is falling apart, MLM success is not for you. There I said it!

Developing a success mindset is at the heart of your MLM business. You’ll have lots of ups and downs. You know those moments when everything is right with the world, contrasted with everything going wrong.

How will you handle it? Get mad and quit? Give up? Go in a corner and pout?

No, you keep moving forward. Most of us don’t have the strength to do that on our own. That’s where personal development comes in. This is one MLM tip that you should not skip!

You may not think it’s business related but it is! You are the one running your business and if you want to be successful, then work on YOU first!

Work on YOU every day. You can read plenty of books or listen to audio in your car. When you work on strengthening your mind, it will help you keep a good attitude and get through the downtimes.

5. Build Relationships in Social Media

We’ve come a long way since the days of hosting network marketing home meetings. You can meet so many people in social media if you do it the right way!

Be sure to avoid the mistakes that most network marketers make in social media. That is, posting spam links on their page all day or in groups.

That’s not the way to attract attention!

Here’s a useful tip for network marketing recruiting in social media. Join Facebook groups that are aligned with your MLM products. For example, if your products are healthy eating related, you can join healthy groups.

Be the most helpful person in the group! That’s how you will gain the trust of others and be seen as an authority.

Building relationships is the right way to get to know people using social media networks.

6. Show Up at Your MLM Company Events

Your company holds events for a reason. They can help you learn and give you renewed enthusiasm for your business. If you listen to other network marketing success stories, you’ll notice one thing they have in common: they attend events!

When I attend network marketing events, I feel so excited, refreshed, and get so many new ideas about how to build my business.

I am surprised at the number of network marketers who don’t attend their company events. There is so much they are missing out on.

I’ve even made new friends that I was able to partner with for accountability. Some MLM company events are large one time a year, while others are smaller and held in local places.

When you have a lot of energy and excitement about your business, people will be attracted to you!

7. Follow Up for Network Marketing Success

Many people are good at sharing the products or opportunity but fall short on the follow-up. You heard that saying, “the fortune is in the followup.”

You may be disappointed that after sharing information your MLM prospect never contacted you. They never will!

YOU must follow up with your prospects! It’s just a fact. Most people need to be contact multiple times before they will take action.

It’s not about contacting them to say things like: are you ready to join? Did you look at the video yet?

No. Don’t bug your MLM prospects.

You can send them additional information that may be of interest to them or just give them a quick text message to see how they are doing.

Good network marketing recruiting is all about building those relationships!


By following these seven MLM tips, you can boost your business in big way! Which of these have you already tried and are you sticking with it? The key to learning how to succeed in network marketing today is following these tips and being consistent.

If something doesn’t work well the first time, that means you need to get better at it.

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