4 Simple Ways to Prospect in Network Marketing

4 Simple Ways to Prospect in Network Marketing

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If you are in network marketing, you are likely looking for simple ways to prospect. It’s the number one skill you need to succeed in MLM.

In order to build your network marketing business, you need people who are customers of your product. You also need to grow your team of distributors.

There are many ways to prospect in network marketing and today I’ll show you 4 simple ways that you can use.

Remember that whichever method you decide to use, instant success is not part of the equation. It takes patience and perseverance to build a profitable business in MLM.

What is MLM Prospecting?

Prospecting in MLM is a process of finding new customers and team members to grow your business. Prospecting is a continually process and the foundation of your success.

There are 4 main steps to move prospects through your MLM sales funnel:

  • Find
  • Invite
  • Share
  • Follow up

These steps help you identify qualified prospects who are interested in your offer. You don’t want to waste time with those who have no interest.

MLM Prospecting Ideas and Tools

There are many ways to find or attract potential customers and business partners. With a goal to increase sales and grow your team, this is a repetitive process that is vital to the sustainability of your MLM business.

1 – Contact People You Already Know

The easiest way to get started with introducing people to your business is with those you already know.

Your sponsor may have told you to make a list of all your contacts. That’s a great idea.

You can call or message people to let them know that you are excited about your new business and looking for partners.

  • If they show interest, great! Send them some information.
  • If they show no interest, move on and thank them.

Talking to people you know is a good first step to prospecting for these reasons:

  • You’ll get to practice talking to people and introducing them to your business.
  • You already know them!
  • You can ask for referrals if they aren’t interested in your business.

Starting with people you know will also help give you the confidence to find new people outside of your family and friends circle.

2 – Start an MLM Blog

When I started blogging a few years ago, I had no idea how much it would change my life!

But it did.

My first little MLM blog generated over 1,000 customers and several hundreds of thousands of naira in income.

That would not have been possible if I didn’t take that first step into blogging with WordPress.

The great thing is that I’ve traveled and moved across states while continuing to grow my business through my blog.

Having a blog can help you get leads, sales, and business partners for your MLM business using something called attraction marketing.

People are searching constantly on the Internet for products or ways to earn extra income. When you have a WordPress blog, they can find YOU!

You found me, didn’t you? 🙂

3 – MLM Prospecting with Facebook

Social media is a powerful way to prospect for your network marketing business. Although there are many social media networks, I’ll focus on Facebook since it offers so much all in one place.

Here are 3 pretty amazing ways to prospect on Facebook:

Facebook Page

Start a Facebook Business Page. Post helpful information on the Page and start inviting people to like it. Using the 80 – 20 rule, post your offers on the Page and make it easy for prospects to click a link or get in touch with you.

Facebook Messenger

Using messenger is a simple way to prospect on Facebook. You can run a Facebook Ad using a post from your Page.

When people see the ad and then like your post, you can reach out to those people using Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Groups

Start a Facebook group and invite people to join. You can create your brand and culture within the group, while educating others on how your business or products can be of help.

It will give your audience a chance to get to know you and understand the value of what you have to offer.

4 – Use Email Marketing for Prospecting

After trying many email marketing services, I found GetResponse a few years ago and highly recommend the company.

Building a subscriber list is one of the most important steps in prospecting for MLM or any business. It helps you build a relationship with people by staying in touch via email.

You can make offers on your MLM blog for a free download in exchange for a prospect’s contact information. From there, you can have a series of automated emails sent to the person.

You can also send broadcasts that are not part of the autoresponder series when you have something special to announce like an offer or a new blog post.

It’s a time-saver that allows you send email to thousands of people all at the same time!


Prospecting in network marketing is lifeblood of your business. Having a consistent flow of new people to talk to is how you can grow into a profitable business.

There are many ways to prospect whether it’s in-person or online attraction marketing methods.


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