21 Actionable Network Marketing Business Secrets for Guaranteed Success

21 Actionable Network Marketing Business Secrets for Guaranteed Success

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This list of the best network marketing tips and tricks in the industry will help you achieve success faster.

Whether you’re just a beginner or have some experience, these reliable tips will make your network marketing business explode.

The key to success is proper implementation and taking consistent action. If you do nothing, your results will be nothing. If you do a little, your results will be a little. If you take massive action, your results will be massive.

Follow these tips to build a network marketing empire.


Before I get into any of the other tips I want to cover personal development.

Network marketing success, (like success in any other industry), requires you to build yourself up and develop the traits necessary for success.

This business is more about skills and leadership than your sponsor probably led you believe.

For you to be successful, there are certain traits you must develop and keep developing, otherwise you won’t see any sustainable growth or success in your network marketing business.


If you plan to build a network marketing business quickly (or even slowly), you must get crystal clear on what you want to achieve and what it will take to get there.

What rank do you want to reach and how fast? What are your financial goals? What income level do you want and what’s it going to take to get there?

In his book, High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become that Way, Brendon Burchard lays out the 6 habits that propel high performers forward.

One of those habits is clarity.

High performers constantly seek clarity.

It’s not something they do once a month or once a year. You need to constantly clarify your vision because without clarity, you’ll just fumble around and never make progress.


If you want people to join you in building a network marketing dynasty, become an expert in everything network marketing.

Reading this is a good first step, but all learning shouldn’t be about how to build.

Some of your learning should focus on just getting a better grasp of network marketing as an industry.

If you can have an authentic conversation with somebody about why network marketing is a better business model than the other options out there, the chances of you bringing them onto your team increases, as well as the chance of retaining them once they enroll.

If your child’s teacher couldn’t explain to you how students learn, you wouldn’t have much faith in him or her as a teacher would you?

The same is true of those you recruit (or try to recruit) to your team.

If you can’t talk intelligently about the industry, how serious do you think people will take you?… Not that serious.


I don’t know what your background or beliefs are- you just landed on my site!

But since you’re here, I get to say what I want and that includes concepts that fall in line with my beliefs.

Psalm 55:22 states “Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”

It’s quite easy to get “shaken” in this business by a bad home meeting, bad prospecting experience, or even because you’re not going as fast as you want.

The times I’ve had the most peace in my life have been those times when I’ve totally turned things over to God.

The times of the most turmoil have been when I’ve tried to do things in my own power.


If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.

To be successful in anything that requires leadership, you must learn to have fun.

Otherwise, people won’t want to be around you.

Besides, if you’re successful and don’t enjoy what you’re doing, then what’s the point?

If you stop taking everything so serious you’ll actually be a more effective network marketer and more effective recruiter.

You’ll also be less prone to be easily offended or get defensive when people say stuff like “is this a pyramid?”.

Don’t get me wrong, be very serious about doing the work necessary to build your team.

But have loads of fun while doing it.


This seems like it should be obvious but I’ve found many people don’t do it.

It goes back to our tip about clarity.

How can you be clear on what you want and what it will take to get there if you don’t understand how your company compensation plan works?

What type of compensation plan is it?… Yes my friend, there is more than one type of network marketing compensation plan.

Besides, if you don’t understand your compensation plan you won’t be able to explain it to others without confusing them.

A great teacher and leader can take a complex idea and simplify it for others.

So figure out your compensation plan and make sure you can explain it easily.


This profession is plagued by people promoting an “easy” system. Just get 3 people and then they will all get three and so on and so forth.

In six months we’ll all be rich. The problem of course, is that it doesn’t work that way. It works on paper, but not with real people. It could, but it won’t. People are complicated.

They have their reasons for building a business and they also have their reasons for not taking the required steps to build their business.

You’ll never have 100% duplication.

Probably won’t have even close to that.

So STOP promoting it to your prospects and acting like that is what’s going to happen.

When you enroll somebody with false expectations and convince them it’s going to be easy, it shouldn’t be any surprise when they quit.

The reason they quit is because they didn’t sign up for what it really takes to build a successful network marketing business.

It’s hard work.
It’s consistency.
It’s personal development.
It’s leaving your comfort zone (over and over again).
It’s growth over time.

If you want a team that’s flourishing, the best thing you can do is tell them the truth from the beginning.

It is hard, everything worth doing is hard.

It’s better to have 3 driven people with a hardcore work ethic and no fear, than it is to have 25 people looking for an easy buck.


Get ready for rejection. It can’t be avoided (if you want success). It’s nothing to be feared but you definitely want to prepare your mind for it.

If you plan to build a significant network marketing business, rejection is a door you’ll need to boldly walk through multiple times.

Low risk, low reward. High risk, high reward.

You can’t get a yes without asking a question that could be answered with a no.

The good news is that it’s a marathon. As long as you don’t quit taking action, you can get to the finish line.

However, if you’re not mentally prepared for people to tell you no, the first few might scare you off for good.

It comes with the package.

Just like you can’t get the thrill of skydiving without actually jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, you can’t have success in network marketing without going through the rejection grind.


We all have doubt about various things in our life. There’s a difference between having doubt and entertaining doubt.

If you’re constantly thinking (or saying) that you won’t be able to accomplish what you want inside of your network marketing organization, then you won’t.

When you catch yourself doubting, take immediate action. Use that doubt as a trigger for action. You can’t think doubt away.

Sure, you can read or watch something motivational hoping you feel inspired.

But that could turn into a cycle of constantly battling doubt and never taking action.

The best tip for defeating doubt is to quickly take action toward building a massive organization.

You can only kill doubt and unbelief with taking massive action.


This is huge! This is the one thing that will determine your results.

You don’t have direct control over results and outcomes.
You can’t dictate who becomes a distributor or customer.
You can’t control what others do once they sign on.

But you do have complete control of your own personal activity.

If you focus on activity, the results and outcomes will take care of themselves.

But if you focus on results and constantly look at them, you’ll be frustrated.

Focus on monitoring and being consistent with your activity, which leads me to the next tip which will explain exactly what activity you should be focusing on.


In my first network marketing company, I wasn’t very good at prospecting. I didn’t do enough of it and I certainly wasn’t very good at it, especially in the beginning.

But as Tony Robbins says, repetition is the mother of learning. If you do something enough and are working to improve, you will get better.

Be a student of prospecting and marketing. Skills grow in direct proportion to experience.

At the end of five years,  you should have 5 years of experience, not 1 year of experience five times (yeah, you may want to read that once again).

Everyday means everyday.

The best thing you can do is prospect every single day.
It should be a habit.
You do it whether you feel like it or not.
Don’t set yourself up for failure.

If it scares you, treat it like a good training program.

Start with 1 prospect a day for a week.
The next week prospect 2 per day.
Then 3 and try to work yourself up to at least five a day.

More prospecting is obviously better and will also be faster.

Don’t worry about the results, just focus on hitting your numbers.

In this day and age you really have no excuse for not doing this.

If you get home at midnight and haven’t hit your numbers, you can log into Facebook and prospect a few people before going to bed.

There is always somebody awake somewhere.

If you prospect 5 people a day, (even you take the weekends off) you’ll be prospecting 25 people a week and 100 people a month.

There are very few people who consistently prospect 100 people a month.

Even if you only close 1% you’ll be enrolling at least 1 person a month as a customer or business builder. Some of them will follow your lead, so your business will grow.

If you want to go faster, continue to increase the number and/or work on your skills.

What if you got 2-3%?

What if you hit 4%, that would roughly come out to sponsoring a person a week.

The difference between top earners and those who make very little at all is that top earners are master recruiters.

Typically, top earners understand the #1 Law of Network Marketing Recruiting and those that aren’t top earners either never learn it or just don’t grasp it.


I see it on social media all the time. People vomiting up their opportunity on unsuspecting people.

Spam doesn’t work, even if you have tons of it out there in the marketplace. But the internet isn’t the only place people spam. Anytime you’re communicating with somebody and you’re overselling or over hyping, you are coming off as spammy.

Even a prospect who may have been interested will be uninterested if you use spam type language.

It will push them away.
Be genuine and authentic.

If you’re unnaturally forcing the direction of a conversation, that comes off as spammy too.

It’s best to just toss out a little bait nonchalantly and if a person nibbles on it, then ease into the conversation.

One of the best tips in this area is something I also learned from (you guessed it) Ray Higdon.

It’s called a break in the conversation.

It would sound something like this “listen, I gotta run but I’m just curious… would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing?”

That’s it. If they say, “no, not really”, then you’re done. Say “no problem, I’ll talk to you later” and you can exit.

This is great because you already established that you’ve got to run.

It’s not suddenly weird that you’ve got to leave because you prefaced it with “I gotta run”.

It’s also not you spewing your spammy message on them, which would sound more like “Listen, I’ve got a fantastic opportunity I want to run by you. I’m so excited and I’m so glad I ran into you. We can make a ton of money, it’s ridiculous how much money we can make! When can we get together so you can take a look at it?”

umm…. I wouldn’t recommend that approach.

Additionally, since you’ve established you’ve got to go, you have an out when they say “what is it?” and want you to explain it right then.

“Like I said, I’ve gotta run, but let me give you call later and we can set up a time to go over it”.

I’ve learned the hard way, no matter how much you want to explain it right then… don’t!

There are too many unknowns, too many distractions, and they haven’t yet established they’re really interested.

Maybe they said “what is it” so when you started telling them, they could dismiss you quickly.

If they’re going to dismiss you, you at least want a chance to present everything so they can make it an informed dismissal.


A force in motion tends to stay in motion. When momentum shows up it’s a wonderful thing.

The best momentum tip I can give you is to create an atmosphere conducive to creating momentum.

That atmosphere is a healthy, drama free, growing organization.

Get into the habits needed to grow your business and at some point you’ll hit the tipping point.

When that happens, the speed and velocity of your business growth will increase exponentially as momentum takes over.

As long as you continue to do the basics (prospecting and sponsoring), add fuel to the fire and keep momentum going for a long time.

In a binary compensation plan, which is our preferred model, you only have two teams.

They are connected by you (the leader), and the growth that happens on each team is independent of each other.

Momentum is why one team almost always grows faster.

Rarely, if ever, does momentum hit both teams at the same time or at the same intensity.

So when momentum hits a leg of your organization, it will take off like a rocket and surpass the other leg (or catch up to the power leg… which is awesome, fun, and super profitable).

Momentum is a fantastic thing in a binary compensation plan because once it hits, half your work is now done.

All you have to do at that point is keep it going for as long as possible.


A large part of network marketing is “marketing”. The word is in the title. Don’t forget that.

Whether you’re on social media or online, there is a marketing component.

Learn the basics of marketing and understand what’s effective and ineffective marketing.

Strategies are great, but you should be studying marketing in general as an overarching concept.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of you understanding the concepts of good marketing (ad copy, copy-writing, conversion optimization, etc.).

If you understand basic and fundamental marketing concepts, you can implement them anywhere you decide to market.

You’d be surprised how much time I spent working on the headline for this article.

I needed it to be capable of ranking for certain words to satisfy the google algorithm.

But I also needed to satisfy the human element because if you don’t click on it, I’m toast.

Besides, clicking is also an indicator to Google that people find value in the article.

No clicks= poor Google rankings.

On a side note, if you’re just starting out, I would keep your company name close to your chest.

Creating curiosity helps draw people in and gives you an opportunity to talk to people about what you’re doing.

Throwing your business name out there and saying you’re looking for partners is considered ineffective from a marketing standpoint.

On the other hand, people are comfortable with buying online and I think you have to balance the curiosity with convenience.

If somebody is ready to buy and get started, you want them to be able to do it.

I’ve been ready to buy something on more than one occasion in many different industries and I have left because they wouldn’t just give me a link to the product and price.

People don’t want to be sold, but they like to buy.

So balance curiosity with convenience.


When you are talking with somebody, you must master positioning. Be able to position yourself to communicate from a place of confidence and power, not weakness.

Desperation is weakness. Begging is weakness. Trying to convince is weakness. Chasing, pestering, and bugging is weakness. Don’t do these things.

Instead, be confident.

The best attitude you can have is to not care about the outcome.

If you can do that one thing, it will help you be more confident. Take an attitude that you are sorting through people, looking for those who are open to what you have to offer.

If you were prospecting gold, you wouldn’t find a rock and try to make it a piece of gold. You’d discard it and move on. Take that same attitude when talking to prospects and your demeanor will change.

You’ll be perceived as more confident and stronger. Your message will be better received. You’ll save energy because you will be giving permission to yourself to walk away.

Ending a prospecting conversation (nicely but firmly) and walking away can actually be a powerful negotiation tactic (the take-away).

Sometimes (not always), it can change the makeup of the conversation.

But you must do it from a place of confidence and not try to use it as a tactic or it won’t be as effective.


This is crucial. You never know what somebody is capable of. You never know where a person is at and since skill is important but taking action is more important, you never know what somebody will do.

If I had to choose between somebody with little to no skill who will prospect 200 people a month and commit to getting incrementally better OR a person who is quite skilled but won’t talk to anybody, I’d take the worker… Every… Single… Time.

But therein lies the catch. You have no idea what somebody will do.

You don’t know what they’re capable of or the capabilities of who they know.

Talk is cheap and those that brag about what they are going to do or are capable of doing… rarely do anything.

I once enrolled a distributor who I initially thought wouldn’t be interested and if they were interested I didn’t think they’d do very well.

I almost even didn’t bring it up.

It turns out, this young man had an aunt who built her fortune and retired from network marketing years ago with a much more difficult compensation plan.

So nobody could tell him it didn’t work. His belief in the industry was already sealed. He went on to be one of my best producers.

Never underestimate people.


Great teachers, leaders, and sales people ask great questions. Questions engage a person’s mind and good questions help cut through the noise.

Maybe you ask a prospect why they agreed to look at a presentation to begin with. What were they looking for? This opens an authentic dialogue that can help move them closer to a decision.

Here’s a fantastic question for a team member who says they are having a hard time “getting people”.

First, pause for dramatic effect (act like you’re thinking), then say “Let me ask you this, how many people did you show the presentation to in the last week?”.

If they squirm or don’t really know, it usually means none. That’s where you start. If they won’t take action, they haven’t earned your time.


You are a professional network marketer. Be sure to conduct yourself like a professional.

Professionals don’t whine because people don’t want their service.

They offer value and customers take it or they don’t.

If they don’t have enough customers they work harder, market more, or change their strategy.

If you’re part of a network marketing company, you have an opportunity to create a highly profitable business.

Ideally, you want to attract other professionals. If you aren’t conducting yourself as a professional, those in the professional community won’t want to be part of what you’re doing.

So always conduct yourself like a professional.

Treat people right, don’t be spammy, and when a conversation ends be sure to leave it in a way that doesn’t make the person want to avoid you the next time they see you.


Dreaming happens in your head first. Business growth happens through grinding it out to bring that dream to fruition.

If you can’t stop worrying about what a person will say or theorizing about every direction the conversation might go, you’ll never build a profitable network marketing business.

When you spend too much time swimming in your thoughts you get paralysis by analysis. Doubt creeps in. Fear creeps in. “what if’s…” creep in.

Take action in spite of your thoughts.

Taking consistent action is the only way to get out of your head and moving in the right direction.


Always celebrate your victories and also the successes of your team members. This is especially true in the beginning.

If you sponsored somebody and they sponsored their first person, make a big deal about it. People yearn for recognition and most people rarely get it in their jobs.

Your company probably has recognition for certain ranks, but you should have some too. Whether it’s certificates or pins or simply hand written notes. Maybe you just call somebody up and say “great job today”.

Be authentic and get creative but be sure to celebrate successes, even the small ones.

For yourself, celebrate the success of taking action.

If there’s one thing I keep harping on it’s the importance of consistent activity.

If you hit your numbers for the week, even if nobody joined or became a customer, that’s a success. Treat it like one.


The speed of the leader creates the speed of the pack. Unfortunately, people usually come into network marketing under misinformation, looking for easy money. You can make lots of money, but not easy money.

I saved the best network marketing tip for last. Instead of trying to find a person who will give you fast success, become the person you’re looking for.

Do everything you wish the perfect recruit would do. Prospect more. Be bold. Be fearless.

Being the network marketing leader you want to recruit will grow your business faster and also increase your chances of finding another solid leader exponentially.

There you have it, the best network marketing tips for success in the industry.

The fact that you’re learning these skills means that you want to build a profitable home based business.

If you’re looking for a team to call family, consider the benefits of combining traditional prospecting with online attraction marketing.

If that makes sense to you, feel free to contact ne on +2348100111923 and see if we’d be a good fit for each other.

Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

If nothing changes… nothing changes.

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