Network Marketing Tips For Success In a Post-COVID-19 World

15 Network Marketing Tips For Success In a Post-COVID-19 World

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The following network marketing tips will help you build a team and market your products. 

What is the fastest way to succeed in network marketing? 

Learn proven MLM tips that others have used to build six- and seven-figure businesses. Next, put those network marketing success secrets into massive action. 

Nothing will help you meet your goals better than taking constant action. Don’t overthink your process because that typically results in “paralysis by analysis”. 

COVID-19’s Impact On MLM

We can’t ignore the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the MLM industry. Up to now, the standard MLM tips have focused on offline business-building efforts. 

These methods won’t be as effective in a post-pandemic world. 

Even with many people feeling more secure being in close quarters with each other again, many of our potential prospects will be hesitant to attend 1on1 meetings, home meetings, or large company events. 

They’ll probably feel this way for years to come. 

The solution? 

Learn how to get quality leads by entering the world of Internet or digital marketing. 

Building your business online has become the #1 most important MLM tip for success because of the COVID-19 situation. 

Choose The Best Company

The network marketing company you join is a big decision.

Your company should be one that will best satisfy your needs first.

Do you love the products whether you make money selling them or not? I hope so! If you don’t, then go find a company you can get behind. Be authentic.

The products distributed by your company should be easy to market.  The comp plan should provide you the opportunity to make good income upfront and on a residual basis.

Lastly, your network marketing company must allow for online marketing methods. 

COVID-19 will weed out the best MLM companies from the rest. Companies that stop living in 1985, teaching silly stuff like the 3-foot rule or badgering friends & family will get ahead. 

Make sure you’re working inside a company structure that supports your efforts at using online marketing for attracting qualified leads. 

Be Informed About Your Products

You must learn everything about your products in order to effectively market them. 

  • How do they benefit your potential customers? 
  • Why would they buy from you as opposed to a competitor? 
  • Why are your products better, cheaper, etc ?

No matter your chosen company, take time to watch training organized by your company’s leaders and get educated on the products and marketing plan. You’ll sell and recruit more effectively when you can inform prospects well. 

Support Your New People With MLM Tips

Growing a downline has a direct impact on your residual income goals. Support new distributors on your team correctly. 

Remember these vital MLM success secrets:

  • New folks need to be guided properly.
  • They’re going to be unsure.
  • They’re not sure if they want to recruit yet.
  • They’re still learning.

Never forget how it feels to be new to this business. 

Nurture your people to be stronger in their marketing. Give them reasons as to why they should never give up.

Strategize On How To Market Well

The marketing strategies you use will determine how many people you’ll attract into your business.

Do you want to market online and take advantage of 24/7 marketing techniques that build even while you sleep?

Commit to learning one or two and make it happen!

Yes, it’s possible to recruit automatically online.

It’ll happen.

However, the best strategy for online marketing is to automate the lead flow.

Then, commit to personally following up with those prospects who reach out to you, hoping to make a real connection with you.

Understand The Needs Of People

Different people have different needs in life.

Listen to people’s needs and make possible recommendations on what products or services will best suit them.

For new recruits, listen to their stories and give them roles where they best fit.

For new product customers, guide them into purchasing in a manner that best helps them solve their problems. 

Put the needs of your customers and distributors first at all times.

No matter your chosen company, take time to watch training organized by your company’s leaders and get educated on the products and marketing plan. You’ll sell and recruit more effectively when you can inform prospects well. Share on X

Be An Example To Others

As your personal downline grows you’ll become known to many people on your team. They’ll look up to you as the starting point of your team.

Be careful to set a good example. The saying, “the team goes as fast as the leader” is an accurate one. Show them what to do more than telling them what to do.

Become a master recruiter. In my opinion (and experience), mastering the world of online lead generation is the best way to become a master recruiter.

Encourage & Motivate Yourself

Many folks have “tried” networking but get tired on the way and quit.

For you to succeed you need to think positively about what you’re doing.

You need to stay consistent.

You need to do the so-called “boring” tasks each day that lead to exciting results.

  • You need to tune out anyone who might discourage you.
  • Listen to positive audios. 
  • Watch positive videos. 
  • Get around positive leaders who can lift you up. 

Don’t Dabble In Your MLM Business

A great thing about network marketing is you can start on a shoestring budget. 

This fact is also a great negative. 

It’s easy to dabble with MLM here and there when you don’t have much invested in the game. 

Here’s one of the most effective MLM tips I ever heard:

Act as if you invested $1 million in starting your business and you have 5 years to earn it back. If you don’t earn it back, then you’ll be forced to work a minimum wage job until the day you die. 

Yikes! Would you dabble here and there each day, working whenever you feel like it in this scenario?

Nope! You’d bust your ass each day to make sure your business was growing by leaps & bounds because that 5 year window is going to close fast. 

Don’t be a dabbler!

Figure out how to show the plan to 3-5 people each day.

Figure out your online marketing strategy.

Get leads.

Make sales.

Go, go, go!

Key Network Marketing Tip: Celebrate!

Take time to celebrate each win along the way. 

Definitely do this with your team. When  one of your distributors sponsors their first team member, help them celebrate. Make it a huge deal…because it is. 

We all crave recognition. Your team doesn’t get it at their normal job. Take the time to do it inside your network marketing business and your people will stay motivated longer. 

Find ways to celebrate every action that leads to success. 

For example, celebrate when you or someone else reports a successful zoom call, a new sale, a new recruit, or even a positive mindset realization. 

Post it in your team FB group. Send a written note about it. Call someone up and say, “great job!”.

Get creative and celebrate everything good that happens within your organization. 

Of All MLM Tips, This Is a Biggie: Perfection Doesn’t Exist

My basic nature is a “people pleaser”. This gets you in trouble when building a business. 

When I was new to the world of MLM and business, I used to worry about what others thought about me. 

I thought about it a LOT. 

I wanted everything to be perfect. 

The reality is that perfection is a hazy, murky swamp of an idea that simply doesn’t exist in this world. 

You know what’s perfect? 

Developing a mental attitude that says, “I’m gonna focus on creating and putting ideas out into the world without worrying about perfection.”

Once I learned to do this, things took off for me. Back when I used to “work” the phones, I stopped focusing on the “perfect” script and simply picked up that damn phone and dialed. 

I stopped focusing on the “perfect” system for my team and just developed “a” system. 

I stopped worrying about the “perfect” blog post and just wrote one and put it online. Then, I did another. And another. And things grew from there. 

I encourage you to do the same thing. Put your ideas into the world! You can always go back later and clean things up or improve upon what you started with. 

If you wait for things to be “perfect”, then you’ll wake up in 10 years wondering why your life still isn’t the one you envision for yourself and your family. 

That’s a sucky place to be in. Don’t do that to yourself. 

Do you want MLM tips? Here’s one that will serve you well: Think of cool stuff, create it, put it out there, improve upon it over time. Rinse and repeat. 

That will build your business just fine. 

Stop Making MLM Sound Like “Get-Rich-Quick”

Can network marketing make you rich? 

Yes, it can. 

However, will you get rich or succeed in network marketing quickly without working hard?

Absolutely not. 

There are too many people in this industry who further the lie that it’s easy. They make it sound like all you do is recruit 3 people, they recruit 3 people…

…and then all of a sudden everybody’s filthy rich sitting on a beach somewhere. 

That’s not how this works. Yes, it looks nice to see those duplication models in presentations but it simply doesn’t work that way. 

That type of duplication never happens because all people are different. 

  • Some will join and quit the next day. 
  • Others will join, recruit one person 7 months later and then quit. 
  • Someone else will come in and recruit an army. 
  • Still others will simply buy your products for years without ever building a business. 

You don’t help anyone by promoting your business as some “magical” tour to wealth. Enrolling someone and giving them false expectations of the easy path to riches is irresponsible. 

People that you enroll this way will quit because they didn’t join with an understanding about what it takes to build a large MLM organization. 

  • Consistent action
  • Hard work
  • Getting out of their comfort zone
  • Working on personal development
  • Slowly, but surely, building their business

Be truthful with everyone you talk to straight out of the gate. 

Network marketing isn’t magic. It’s learning how to become a professional marketer, finding interested prospects, selling them ethically, and helping the business builders. 

Your team will look at you with respect and dignity when you’re honest about the hard work journey they’re about to embark on. 

Your team will also be comprised of quality business people instead of shallow people looking for a quick buck. 

Become An Expert & Teach MLM Tips

Don’t limit your MLM education about prospecting, generating leads, making sales and building a team. 

You should become knowledgeable about the network marketing industry as a whole. 

The more you can hold a genuine conversation with people about how the network marketing business system works, why it’s a good system, what its benefits are, how it beats other types of business systems, the better you’ll be at bringing them onto your team. 

You’ll also become better at keeping them in your business because you’ll have the skills required to keep them motivated when they struggle. 

How confident would you be in a mechanic who doesn’t know how to explain the world of cars and related technologies? 

It works the same way in business. People want to join someone who’s educated and who they can trust to help them win. 

Achieve Faster Results By Setting Clear Goals

Get clear on your goals when you want to know how to succeed in network marketing fast. 

  • How much passive income do you want to earn? 
  • How many product sales do you need to make to rank advance?
  • How many people do you need to talk to daily? 

“Begin with the End in Mind”

That is one of the habits Stephen Covey lists in his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

It’s far easier to gain clarity about your daily, weekly and monthly goals and action steps when you understand where you want to be in 2 years, 5 years and 10 years. 

Map everything out based on long-term goals. Begin with the end in mind so you can back it all up to what you need to do today. 

Make It a Game & Have Fun

Do you want to know one of the most vital MLM tips for beginners? 

You gotta have fun!

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in your business that you take it waaaaay too seriously. 

Don’t take business or life in general too seriously. It has a tendency to repel people when they sense that you can’t let your hair down a bit and have fun. 

And what’s the point of living a life or running a business where you don’t laugh a little? 

Be serious about your goals and helping people, yes. 

But don’t be so serious that all the fun and excitement is stripped away from your day-to-day life experience.

If you apply the above MLM tips to help you climb the ladder, expect great things in your business!

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