11 Things NOT to Do in Your Network Marketing Business

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Today, I’m going to share 11 things NOT to do in your network marketing business. Most of these mistakes I have made myself at one point or another in my network marketing career. I hope you find the information helpful.

1: Treat it like a hobby.

Hobbies COST you money. Businesses MAKE you money. If you are treating your MLM Business like a little part-time hobby, don’t expect to make money. You need a business plan, set business hours, a work schedule and you must treat your business like a real business at all times, IF you want to make money.

2: Use hype, pressure or deception.

Never pressure someone to join or buy. Never advertise your business opportunity as a job: EVER. Never lie to a prospect inviting them to dinner and turn it into a business presentation. Never hype up your opportunity.

3: Compare yourself to others.

This is quite perhaps the worst mistake you can make. Never compare yourself to others, especially successful people in your company. Why? Because you are each on a different stage in your journey to success. Chances are the people on stage have gone through years of struggle and personal growth BEFORE they made it big.

4: Make excuses.

Never blame your upline for your poor performance. Never blame your company or compensation plan for not being good enough. You are the problem and you are the solution. Take 100% responsibility for your business. I’ve never met a successful victim.

5: Be a lone wolf.

Network marketing is a team sport. Never be a lone wolf. Instead, plug in to your team’s system and training. Teach your team members to do the same thing.

6: Force your team to do things your way.

No one joined network marketing to have another boss. Encourage innovation. Never tell your team it’s my way or the highway. Respect each person’s uniqueness and find a way to help them leverage their own talents and abilities to grow the business in a way that works for them.

7: Take your sponsor or upline for granted.

If your sponsor is still in the business, be grateful. Most sponsors quit. Be the type of sponsor you wish you had. Respect your sponsor and the chain of command.

8: Expect your team to outwork you.

If you are lucky, your team will do half what you do. That’s if you are lucky. Your job is to set the pace at all times and inspire people by your own personal example. Be the type of person you want to recruit.

9: Seek cross-line advice.

Your sponsor and upline have a vested interest in helping you succeed and reach your goals in the business. People in your crossline, and in other companies, do NOT have a vested interest in helping you. Be careful who you get advice from.

10: Use a competitor’s product.

If your company offers a product or service and you are using a competitor’s, similar product, please stop it immediately. You should be your own best customer. If you don’t believe in your products enough to use them, how can you expect someone else to buy them from you?

11: Start and stop in your business.

Be persistent and consistent and have 5-10 new conversations with new prospects EVERY SINGLE DAY. No excuses. Starting and stopping is the kiss of death in your business.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, folks. These are 11 things NOT to do in your Network Marketing Business. What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with me? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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